Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yummies from Thailand!

 A trip wouldn't be complete without a treat! 
So these are some food pictures I took in Thailand!

Coconut Ice Cream!

Coconut Pudding
Kway Chap
Somtam Nua's fried chicken! We even ordered for seconds!
Pad Thai
Birthday cake from Mr. Jones' Orphanage! Thank you family!
First time hearing it I thought it was really baked from an orphanage.

It's like Thailand version of bola ubi! Yum!
 We ate a lot of Tom Yum Goong here..

Mango Sticky Rice
Mango Tango's Mango Salsa
Mango Tango w/ Extra Sticky Rice
Durian is a must when in Thailand!
     I also had this super delicious Milo drink here near Pratunam. Maybe it's only me, but I think Milo in Thailand tastes better. I bought this for two days straight when living near here!

Yummy Milo!

Swensen's are everywhere in Thailand, and I love it!! Apparently Swensen's were in Indonesia in the past, but now there are none anymore. Wish they still have a store in Indonesia, I would love to eat their ice cream!

Swensen's Volcano Parfait

 Ate this super delicious passion fruit gelato from Gelare! Um yumm! Don't feel like sharing! :p

Lastly, one of my favourite food in Thailand were the banana pancakes! hahaha maybe because I like martabak..? But banana pancakes taste really good!

Here's some tutorial if you ever want to make your own banana pancake!

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