Saturday, October 18, 2014

In Memoriam of beloved blue... and Hello new blue!

Goodbye, dear hard disk. You will be forever be missed.

 I would like to make a post to commemorate the failure of my external hard disk, a WD Passport. It only lasted for about a year and a half I think, so the warranty is still valid. Every time I try connecting it to a computer, it always has a weird clicking sound -- I was told that possibly that the head was stuck and it's pretty serious.  

There was a service that can help me recovering the data inside. But it's really expensive, like, 4 MILLION RUPIAH! I almost wanted to use the service (considering the it contains important data like university tasks, portfolios, downloaded music and videos TTmTT). But I guess it's just not worth it. I still have a few data scattered in my computer and laptop apparently (although not all of 'em).

Unfortunately I was having trouble with my laptop: its shut down was taking too long! So I thought maybe by removing some data I don't need at the moment, maybe it'll help the shutting down process. 

And that's where my HD comes along, to act as a temporary solution to my laptop!! Now my laptop is getting better, but the HD... It's like.. DAMNNNNN. The last time I connect my HD to laptop was to copy Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it was not too long ago, then comes my HD failure!

I already tried several tips I saw from the internet, like hitting it (not so hard though), and placing it upwards. I even put ice packs next it, hoping some miracle would happen! Unfortunately, it did not happen. Nu-uh.

I don't know if I'll ever buy another WD in the future. Heck, maybe I just had a bad luck with this one, some people say that WD is the best. Or it could be the way of my handling..but I don't know.. I acknowledge that people have different opinions regarding what is the best portable HD and whatnot due to different experiences. But for me, this experience has already influenced my preference of portable hard disks.

Yes, my HD had a keyboard and an expanded viewing angle.  Got those from Mei *laughs*

At the time, I didn't want to give up on it yet, so in the meantime, I decided to look for a new replacement. After searching for highs and lows, I found that TopTenReviews recommends a portable HDD named Transcend 25M3 after WD Passport (em..)

You can see what's inside the box (and how pretty the blue is!) from this nice video from MoreleTV. Although it's in Polish, it's easy to understand because they also write the key words in English!

Apparently it has a rubber outer case, so the HD won't move easily during data transfering (when transfer data, it's better not to move your HD). It also meets U.S. military drop-test standards, so an extra point for that!

It even lights a blue light when it's connected to a computer! *glees*

And comes in choices of Black/Green and Blue/White!! I'm a sucker for blue, so of course I just had to buy the blue one!  I'm excited to see how long this baby will last, I hope it lasts long enough!

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