Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stripe Twins!

One of outfit patterns I love the most - STRIPES! They give off an elegant feel, and also timeless!
Stripes never dies!

And now it's October, a.k.a Inktober for some people, where they become very productive in making creative artworks! Feeling motivated, I wanted to create at least one for the occasion --- and that's where I saw a cute picture in a Japanese magazine, S Cawaii (October edition)! I totally loved the look and just had to make an artwork.. although it's not really made of real ink, but what the heck!

S Cawaii Magazine - Oct 2014

But being the indecisive person  I am, there's always options, options, and options. So I changed the color couple of times and found the one I also really like!

Placing them side by side, they look just like twins :)
Introducing... the Stripe Sisters!

Seeing both of them, I personally liked the second version. Now, which one do you like? :)

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