Thursday, October 30, 2014

Flower Power (Dusun Bambu)

My family and I decided to visit Dusun Bambu during the weekends. Dusun Bambu was a great getaway for refreshing ourselves because at the time I'm pretty much bored going to the mall just for jalan-jalan. And besides, Dusun Bambu has been having a lot of positive reviews lately, so another plus thing to be noted!

Going from Jakarta to Dusun Bambu proved to be quite difficult for moi, a person who usually has no sense of direction and usually gets sleepy in the car. From Jakarta-Bandung we used Cipularang toll road. And for from Bandung to arriving at Dusun Bambu... I think it was a road going to Lembang. But trust me, going there is not that difficult, the Dusun Bambu people prepared a lot banners that show directions!

After arriving at Dusun Bambu, you'll first need to park your car. After that, prepare to be welcomed by a pretty that will lead you to main part of Dusun Bambu. Oh, did I mention these cars are decorated with colorful crepe papers? Looking at it was a bit overwhelming at first, but you'll get used to it. After I saw it a few times, I think it looks kinda cute :)

And then we first decided to take a tour of Pasar Khatulistiwa. It's like a food court that sells traditional local food. We already had breakfast prior arriving here (rumor says that the food sold here is a bit expensive), so we only ate Kue Cubit for a light snack. They also have a shop inside where you can buy drinks, souvenirs and also other things.

Near Pasar Khatulistiwa, there is a small park where kids or adults can play swing and also jungkat jungkit. The breeze at Dusun Bambu is really cool and refreshing. Although the weather was a bit hot due to the sun, the wind would sometimes blow and gives off a gentle breeze!

Dusun Bambu is known for its cocoon-like room where people would order food and eat there. Again, I heard that eating there could be quite pricey so we already had breakfast. We only had a little photo shoot with the cocoon ;)

After visiting the camping site and Pasar Khatulistiwa, we went looking around and found other restaurants. One is Purbasari, where you can book a house and then eat food with your friends. The other one is a buffet-style restaurant named Burangrang. Oh and also, I think the place where you need to go first before going to the camping site is this reception place right here.

We also visited the place where people can camp. Sadly, we can only see the outside part of the camping site. You can only see so much by peeping, so I didn't take any pictures. 

Even so, the road to the camping site is pretty, there's a lot of flowers! So to make up for the lack of pictures of the camp, here are some flowers :)

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