Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Only Wish for My Hair

Having a short hairstyle most of the time, I've been wishing for my hair to grow faster. 
Think of all the fun things you can do with it, braiding, making it into a ponytail...and also slapping people with your hair! *evil laughs* Just kidding, I won't do this in real life....or will I?
I remembered during an snorkeling event in Phuket last July, a woman turned her head and her hair accidentally hit my face. Normally a person would just brushed it off as if it's nothing, right? 

Well, yes, I would do the same, usually. 
But not this time.
Nuh-uh sister.

 I ended up yanking the woman's hair. Just a moment, and release the grip, shortly after, really!
At the time I suddenly felt angry...and just did things based on my reflexes. She didn't  say anything or... probably wasn't aware that her hair hit me. I thought, this woman had long hair, so she should be aware of her surroundings at least!

Realized to my senses, I start feeling scared on the inside and start thinking things, like "What if she's gonna scold me after this..." Luckily I think the woman didn't realize it was me who did it. But my sister said the woman actually knew it was me, so she looked at me...and I just stared back at her.
Anyhow I was pretty lucky she didn't hit me or anything! Sorry mam, but a bit not sorry too..!  TTmTT

And so...that happened.*cold sweat*
 I really need to work on anger management.

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