Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happiest Place in the World! (ikea)

During childhood, the things that easily gets me happy are: 1) stationery and 2) food. I get excited to go to school the day after even if I just bought a new mechanical pencil (heck, I was even an avid ruler collector :P). As I grow, I tend to like draw things digitally and less manual. Thus, food overtakes the position of number 1. But I still have a soft spot for cute and unique things, even if I don't use them much, ending up them being useless in the end. Or as my mom says it, SA.M.P.A.H. Sad, but she's most of the time right.. *sweats*

Now now, back to the topic. IKEA is now has opened their store in Indonesia, and I can't get more excited! I've never gone to any IKEA stores overseas, so I am curious what items they have in store! And really, IKEA is crowded with people, even during weekdays and working hours. Mostly moms though.

My dream office. *fingers crossed*

Loving the funny concept for a locker!

"Yes..yes!! My cooking intentions are growing!!"

The self-serve warehouse section.

 I was surprised that IKEA has a lot of artificial plants! My mom has always liked plants. And me, the easily influenced person, also become interested in flowers at that moment. So we spend the time looking around that area. There are so many kinds flowers and vases!

For the restaurant/ cafeteria, we had a poached salmon, french fries, and the famous Swedish meatballs! I actually visited IKEA twice, first was in the afternoon with my mom, ordering the salmon and fries, but the meatballs were already sold out. The second was in the morning, with my mom and sis. 

We intended to go in the morning so we can have a taste of the Swedish meatballs...but I found out that they had a breakfast menu in the morning, like pancakes and nasi goreng (nasi goreng is really cheap, I think it was 5.000 rupiah-ish!). The usual menu are sold at 11.30. So we set an alarm for it because they run out realllyy fast!

We came back at 11.45 and it was already making a long line! Wow! It took quite a while. But hey, at least we got our share of Swedish meatballs!

Poached Salmon - 60k
The salmon...was a disappointment. It didn't quite fit my taste buds. A bit on the bland. The sauce helps, but it is still bland. The potatoes were nice. Vegetables were good and crunchy, they way I like it :)

French Fries - 16k
The french fries were yummy, crispy and a salty. I really enjoyed eating them! They're even tastier when dipped in tomato/ chili sauce or even mustard!

Swedish Meatballs (10 pcs)  - 40k 
This is my friend, the star of IKEA's  menu! I must say I really liked them, the the meatballs are tasty and with the sauce = bravo! The mashed potatoes are also delicious! Overall, it's a nice menu, but because I liked tomato sauce, so I eat them with it :P

Have you visited IKEA yet? If not, I definitely recommend you to go and have a tour there. It's so much fun and the items are so adorbs! 

PS: If you can, visit during weekdays so it'll be less crowded.

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