Monday, December 8, 2014

Mom's Birthday 2014

Sooo last November my family celebrated Mom's birthday, and this year I decided to print a mug with our names on it. It's like an upgraded version of my gift for mom a few years ago. At the time, I only hand painted on them using acrylic paint, so it's not really usable for drinking. When mom found out, she was really happy.....and she washed them because she wanted to use it....and the paint tore off.

I promise I would do it over and fix them..but then I wanted the mugs to be useful so we can drink using them. I thought at first I can just print as stickers and just stick on the mugs. *so smart me* But my friend Mei said that the sticker is actually made of paper material so it will go "keriput",  they can even wore off. She recommended me to just print them directly on the mugs instead. 

So I did.. I gave the drawings I made and then print them on the mugs. Here's the result:
can only use phone camera bec. the DSLR's battery is off  TTvTT
 gifts for the birthday ladyyyy!

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