Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sweet Control (Aranzi Cafe Review)

 Just visited this kawaii little coffee shop that's been happening lately, Aranzi Cafe!  It has been famous among foodbloggers and also my friends that we decided to come and have a taste :) Sadly by the time we arrived, there was only one type of small cake, even though it was still 13:00! *aw shucks*  Anyway we decided to try this baby out!

Monkey Coffee Caramel - 65k
I was afraid the cake might taste too sweet for my tongue, but surprise surprise --  it's not that sweet! The white part of cake which was the monkey's face tastes like milk chocolate. It's super sweet so you need to eat it with the other parts of the cake. The bottom part of the cake was what I think caramel, it's crunchy and was responsible for the subtle sweetness of the cake. And inside the cake was a black cake..maybe a brownie? Anyway it tasted delicious, not too sweet and fit my tastebuds! 

The cake costs 65k, a bit too pricey for me. But the size is pretty big and you can share it with your friends (aka patungan >;))

Kuro Usa's Cafe Mocha - 38k
For the drink, I ordered a cafe mocha. This is the first coffee that I have ever ordered myself other than Frappuccinos - I do not drink coffee regularly nor I am an avid coffee fan. That being said, I didn't have any expectation on how it would taste. 

I just ordered it because I think it would taste a bit normal for me who doesn't drink much coffee. Hm it was rather bitter, and a bit ...acidic? Definitely a new taste for me. Kawaii look is a plus though :)

Big thanks to my buddy, Mei for the shot! -/////-

 Now, what could make a day of jalan-jalan with friends much better? 

So the three of us had a  little photoshoot *bah. I'm used to taking pictures, but I get easily get those awkward feeling when I got my picture taken. Still learning! >:3

Photo courtesy of Mei :)


  1. Ah...jadi pengen update blog tapi bab 3 ga kelar-kelar hahaha

    1. ....bahkan mengetik kata buat blog lebih lancar daripada ngetik laporan.