Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Phuket 2014 Recap

I watched a ladyboys' cabaret show. Goodness they were so pretty, just like women look like. 
It was an okay show, the music played was nice. Some actors really look like singing, but some of them don't, maybe they didn't really remember the lines..? But really they were pretty.

We decided to buy the tickets when we were already in Phuket. We asked specifically not to be seated in the front area, because my dad said that's where the actors look for their "prey" haha. But somehow, we got in the first row (in A!?). No way Jose we're want to be targeted, so we asked the employees whether we can be relocated or not. And....*drum rolls* they said it was possible! We were seated in 5-6th row from the back if I remembered correctly...and were safe. 

After the show, the actors showed up outside, inviting the audiences to take pictures for a price. I didn't want to take one because I'm too stingy lol. Heck I didn't take any candid pictures because I'm scared to get scolded! (I met a ladyboy shop owner back in Bangkok and was reallly impatient, like "Jadi mau yang ini? Ok Ini ya" even when I haven't fully made up my mind! That kinda petrified me a bit.. -v-)

Okay, enough of that. Here's other pictures I took in Phuket!
Vroom, vroom mister!

On the next day, I went to Phiphi Island to see the beach and some snorkeling! Hm it seems July wasn't the best month to go there, it was a really rocky road to get there using a ship! Many people puked (read: suffered) during the trip. Hearing people puke is really...yucky. Luckily I don't get seasick easily, so I went out from my seat and took pictures instead!

No,no it wasn't my boat. Mine didn't look as pretty, but it's pretty decent :)
I was numbered for snorkeling

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