Thursday, September 11, 2014

Malls, Malls, Malls

Imagined seeing Toothless and Hiccup flying with me

Last July, my family and I (plus my sis' BF) just enjoyed a trip to Thailand.  We've planned it for so loong and booked it almost a year before (AirAsia promo I think). I was super excited to go there because it's a shopping paradise! And I had my birthday in another country LOL*throws confetti*.

But before we went there, I had to send my proposal for Tugas Akhir. The deadline was 14 days if I remember it correctly, but I had to go to Thailand, so I hurried and finished it in less than a week. Luckily when I submitted it, he read it really quickly and gave and okay right away. So good job me! *pats myself on the back*

We went to Bangkok and Phuket. We stayed at Grand Diamond Suites and Sleep With Me, respectively (yep you read it right, Sleep With Me!)

But for this part, I'll show you some pictures we took in Bangkok :)

And sooo here are the "Thaimazing" moments! (get it...? Okay it's not funny TTvTT)

Planning my outfit. Why? Just because! :)

EXO! They were placed literally everywhere in the mall!

Pick up the trash lol

Apparently this guy got drunk after stepping on a poop. Poor guy.

Whaddaaya doin to this poor shark!!

Sorry for the long post! Here's some mangosteens!

Kulit manggis kini ada ekstraknya! #slapme

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