Friday, January 30, 2015

Come Fly, With Me !

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Golly look at that derp face. I believe this is my first OOTD post. It felt really awkward really, to be taken pictures of. I usually the person that take pictures, not the one being taken... But I've always wanted to do a OOTD post, so here it is!
Anyway anywho, this is what I wore for my meetup with some of my great besties during high-school! Haven't had the time for any meetups before, but now that all of us are available, we decided to meet! Funny how we had the similar color palette, monochrome-dark blueish (although we didn't plan it beforehand!)

 I'm so fly *tryin to be funny**bear with me*

Lovin' my new kicks, so comfy for long walks!

We ate at Pancious that day for brunch!

Pancake Full Breakfast - 61k

 Beef & Blue Cheese - 66k

Black Pepper Meatball Fettuccine - 70k

This is what I ate. The food consisted of meatball, chicken sausages, black pepper, cream, and also fettuccine. The taste is to my liking, cream is salty but still tolerable. I like the sausage more than the meatball due it tastes stronger (sweeter and saltier). Although it contains black pepper, it's not spicy at all (believe me I'm weak against spicy food) I also sprinkled a lot of cheese on top cause I'm a cheese lover!

 Nutty Nutella-Crepes Cake - 54k

Coco Pancious Pancake - 38k

After eating, we continue with walking around the mall, and had chat all along the way! Wa it felt nice to get in touch again with old friends. The people who you can show how weird and embarrassing you are at times since junior/ high school. I kinda missed that feeling :')

But last, the us take a selfie :*

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