Saturday, January 24, 2015

BIAF 2014

A bit (lotss!) throwback to the past! I've been having doubts whether to post this or not. But I decided to post this because the thought of not posting this kept eating me up alive (talk about exaggeration!) BIAF (Baros International Animation Festival) 2014 was held on 27-30th November

I went there with a lecturer, a senior, and some friends in university, including Mei! Located in Baros, because we wanted to attend the earliest talk shows/ master class that day, we had to depart in the morning, I mean like 4.30 in the morning. Me, Mei, and a great friend of mine promised with to wait in Lawson until my lecturer came and picked us up while the others were picked up near her (one the others) dorm. Then my senior was picked up last, and thus, our trip to BIAF began!

 Had breakfast with Mei 
BIAF was an event where experts in animation would do master classes and talk shows to share their knowledge. Many well known animation studios were also present in the exhibition held in the hall, promoting their studio. I was kinda surprised that there are so many animation studios in Indonesia. Not only animation studios, there are also illustrators and comic makers present during the exhibition!

Kampoong Monster's Talk Show

Overall, it was an okay trip. As a trip, I really had a blast! It was fun going somewhere new with a cool lecturer and goofy pack of friends! Nothing can really go wrong with that! We laughed all along the way back home, even when nothing we talked about make sense. Maybe we were...tired? (Mungkin kami lelah...?)

However, as an animation festival, I didn't particularly hated or liked it. But I've learnt some valuable advice in animation during Rini's Sugianto's talk show. She said that it's okay to show our work to experts and ask them, nicely, their opinion of it. Is it lacking in some areas, or it can created better in some ways? That way we can really improve. Her life story also gave me strength to keep on going and do the best I can to improve myself in this animation industry. Goodness I need to keep the burning passion in me, because I easily procrastinate, gotta fix that tho! TTvTT

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