Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year!

Dang it Ticia it's 8 days late! Well to say it late is better than not saying it at all right? :P
I just completed submitting my paper for Tugas Akhir (after days of sleeping at 3-4 a.m. and pimples growing on my face *m*) and now I had a little time to do some blogging! 

By the way, the pictured I drew was based on STYLENANDA's 10th Anniversary Sweatshirt, which you can check here ! I actually wanted to draw something that can represent a festive feel for the new year, and when I check their website and brainlessly clicking for outfits that I like, I found the picture that fits the idea! I've been drawing some of my pics based on their pictures. I like their photos because the pictures that they take are very nice, fashion-wise (is that even a wordd??)

*ahem back to topic* New Year means New Resolutions and Goals! So here are my resolutions:

Be more open-minded
I need to listen to other people's opinions cause maybe their way is easier to achieve a goal. Sometimes when they tried to explain to me and I think if their way is a bit complicated & hard to process with my slow brain, my mind tends to shut down. I think I need to work harder in that area!
Made bad decisions? Suck it up!
I usually ask many people for their opinions to make a decisions. And honestly, I am quite indecisive so it will take me quite some time to make one. Sometimes we made bad decisions, right?

 ...During those times I *secretly* blame them in my mind and it makes me in a bad mood, which is really energy draining. I just really need to stop blaming them and just bear with it, the decision was mine to make!
 Spend more time with family and friends
In 2014, I didn't get to spend much time with my family and friends, as I am a tad bit perfectionist when it takes to assignments. But this is mostly due to...procrastination! I've been doing assignments as a medium level deadliner, I still "nyicil", but I don't start until a few days until the due (but I still get the work done and got quite good review.. * weak defense*)

When you're not spending time with your family / meeting up with friends, you lose that moment, which you can never get back. Time still moves on, and our time are not infinite in this world, know what I mean.

Stop procrastinating (SLEEP MORE!)
Goodness! The root of all evillllll! This is mostly the reason I missed spending time with my family and friends--and also pimples showing up all over my face due to lack of sleep! Need to be more productive (and more sleeping) Ticia!

Earn some money by myself
I want to lessen my burden as a child in my family... and because the things I like are sometimes expensive, and weird, sometimes. So I can buy the things I like (because it's ma moneehh!)
And of course, I want to treat Dad, Mom, and Sis when I got my own earning too! ;)

Let's just hope I can fulfill all of them. *fingers crossed*

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