Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Sis!

Made a card for my sis' birthday. This was made actually on December actually, but I hadn't had the time to make a post about it -////- I usually make a digital drawing and then print it for birthday cards, but this time I decided to make a artsy crafty one!

It was quite difficult, making the design I wanted. So I look for inspirations through Pinterest - which is really a great place for you for browse things - including DIY birthday cards people pin!

Pinterest is an inspiration heaven!

After searching for quite a while, I found these two pic that inspired me the most:

Photo of Sara Rayner's card!

The card Sara Rayner created is a beautiful one which she folds the paper, making it space efficient cause you can have so many sides of paper you can write unto!

Jayma Malme's card is inspirational to me because of the presents stacked up together look and they are tied with a single ribbon which binds them.

In the end I made it just like this..

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