Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yo Ho Ho...Pasar Santa!

Pasar Santa, located in South Jakarta, is lately known as one of the hippest place for food and beverages. The weird thing is, the place may look a normal traditional market, but when you go to the 3rd floor, it feels like a different place. Most of the floor are filled with food/ drinks kiosks, but there are also unique shops, like shoes store and vintage shops.

This time I visited the place on a Saturday, about at 14.30 because the place really gets crowded!
So it's better to arrive early. Even though the shops weren't open yet, people were already queuing!

From all the shops available, these are the 3 food / beverages that I had:

1. Beyond Cendol & Duren Bar

This is one of the most queued shop in Pasar Santa. The main ingredients are only actually cendol and duren, but with various toppings, like strawberry, grass jelly, nutella, etc.

Es Duren Cendol - 28 k

One of the best durian / cendol I've ever tasted. The amount of durian is generous and it tastes sweet/ a bit bitter (which is good), so the price is quite acceptable. The cendol is soft and a bit chewy. The menu is topped with vanilla ice cream and grass jelly. At first it was sweet, but after a while the sweetness fades away... I totally reccomend this one as a must try!

Cendol Duren - 18k
This is a more or less the same as Es Duren Cendol, with less ice cream.  I think it tastes a bit sweeter than the other.

2. D.O.G

D.O.G. (Dudes of Gourmet) sells an unusual hotdog, because the buns are black. They say it's made from black sesame seeds combined with other ingredients. Although they only sell hotdog, many people are queuing in a long, long line just to grab a bite!

 Triple black hot dog with extra cheese sauce - 50k

After a long wait (almost half an hour), the hotdog finally arrived! It contains a beef hotdog and beef bacon with melted cheese, caramelized onions, and personalized yellow sauce. It tastes more to the salty side, with a tad spiciness of pepper. The sausage is nice, thick, and gives off a salty taste. The saltiness is neutralized with a subtle sweetness of the black buns. I think it could've been tastier with an add of tomato sauce though.

3. Sate Padang Ajo Ramon

Sate Padang - 25k
This is my first time eating Sate Padang. Not like Sate Madura which tastes sweet of sweet soya sauce, this kind tastes more salty. This dish is complimented with cuts of lontong and garnished with fried onions (bawang goreng). For me, the food tastes a bit too spicy. I had to drink a half of a bottle of mineral water to ease the spiciness.

Overall, the Pasar Santa was a great trip to get your hands on great food / drinks. I wish I had more time (and more money!) to spend on buying other food. If you plan on going there, remember to use comfortable shoes because you'll be walking (and standing in line) for a while!

Wish I was able to buy food here too TTvTT


  1. iya nih pengen beli, tapi buset ngantrinya panjang lagi... ahahaha jadi males deh.