Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Happy Chinese New Year! As you all know, Chinese New Year is mostly known as an event where families gather around having a good time. For me, it's also a great time to eat delicious food! *gulp* This year, me and my family went to visit both of our grandparents, first in Bandung and then Lampung. On the CNY eve, we celebrated it at our home, with mom's super yummy cooking! Thus, my adventure for food began!

Heavy Stuff


Babi Goreng Asem
Must-have Fried Noodles
Babi Panggang
Ikan Tim
Ayam Arak
Corn Soup
*slight intervention* 

Sweet Stuff / Light Snack


Cendol Pudding

Es Kacang Merah- it contains chocolate condensed milk so it tastes kinda chocolatey!
Planet Ice Cream's Waffle Ice Cream
So that concludes Ticia's CNY food festival adventure for this year!

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