Thursday, March 19, 2015

Starry Ang Pao Card for Dad!

Hello again! It's been a long time since my last update, and I've been starting internship as well!
So in this post I'd like to tell you what I made for my Dad's birthday. I was wondering what kind of card should I make.

After a long thought, I realized that Xin Cia (or Chinese New Year) was also in the same month as his birthday, so I mostly got the inspiration from it.

Our wishes and the things we'd like to say to Dad were written on a paper. As the back, they were designed as money. 55 was Dad's age this year! For the main card, I made a black envelope (similar to an ang pao) to collect all the "money"!

Sorry for the lack of updates. There were so many interesting things happening for this month and I just had to do it... like I wanted to watch Korean Dramas like Healer and Kill Me Heal Me. Healer is a cool action movie (not to mention a handsome actor Ji Chang Wook!). I really loved Kill Me Heal Me. The cast really pulled off the characteristics really well, especially Ji Sung for playing 7 different personalities greatly! And sometimes they are really funny! 

Healer. Picture taken from hancinema
Kill Me Heal Me

And last, I also played a shooting game (Call of Duty : Ghosts) so I spent a few days playing -///v///- It was pretty fun! Instead of shooting the enemies, I can take them out by controlling a dog (although not so many opportunities to do that throughout the game)

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