Tuesday, April 28, 2015

PEPeNERO - Cucina Italiana!

Well Mamma mia Pizzaria! This time my fam and I were craving for some Italian food - specifically pizzas, and my sister recommended just the place - PEPeNERO! Apparently none of us had gone there before, so we decided to give it a try :) 

We went to the PEPeNERO located in SCBD Building. She recommended to go there after the sun sets down (like for dinner), so we can have a nice atmosphere with dim yellow lights and candles! Although it's pretty, the limited amount of lighting made the pictures more noisier, pardon me :(

When we arrive at the table, we were welcomed with complementary appetizers! It contains bread buns, easily broken sticks (If I remember correctly it was a bit cheese flavored), and fried pangsit skins. You can use olive oil sauce to eat them with. The sauce was kinda flavorless at first, but near the end it gives a tad salty taste.

Free Appetizers, Yeay!

At the time we only ordered two type of pizzas the waiter recommended. The first was Prosciutto e  Funghi Pizza. This pizza is first spread with tomato sauce and topped with ham, mushrooms, and also mozarella cheese! 

Although they provided us with fork and knife, eating pizza using them are such hassle so I just used my hands instead. When you take a bite and let go of the other part, you can see the cheese is also pulled away - YUM! The saltiness from the ham is soothed by sweet nature taste of mushrooms, and of course tomato sauce !

Prosciutto e  Funghi Pizza - 61 k

The second pizza recommended was Braceria Pizza. It has mushrooms, beef, and cheese scattered around the surface. When you eat Braceria, you will taste more of the subtle sweetness of the dough and mushrooms. I think Prosciutto was more flavorful due to the ham and tomato sauce. (I was wondering why this one costs more though...) Nevertheless, it was a pretty nice bite.

Braceria Pizza - 79 k

Sad to say although I liked the ambience of the place and also the taste of the pizza (and appetizers of course!), my taste buds has been more used to food with a lot of flavors inside, so I liked the taste of pizzas like the Pizza Hut kind. But the Prosciutto e Funghi pizza was sweet and salty and bit sour at the same time so I kinda liked it. 

If you're a fan of Italian food, you can try to eat here! And note, they also serve pastas too so check them out! If you ever go and dine there, please tell me any of the foods you recommend. I would love the hear your opinions, and maybe someday I'll visit PEPeNERO again! :) 

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