Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It Starts off with a Bang(s)!

Hello there! I have just finished my internship, and right now am working on writing the internship report :) But in the mean time, most off my days are less busy. So, I wanted to fulfill my long time dream: cut my bangs!

I've been growing them since I started university, so approx. 3 years are those no bangs years TTmTT The one thing I hated not having bangs is that when the front section of your hair is too long, it covers parts of your viewing area. So to overcome that, you need to tilt your head a bit. The other option is you need to sweep it behind your ear, which I hate more. The better solution is use a hair pin/ clip. But I still want to have bangs anyways!

The downside of having bangs is that you need to trim them every 2-3 weeks. Well, I can live with that. Just think of it as just shaving your armpits every now and then LOL -v-.



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