Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Last & Dog Does Disco!

Picture taken from NarutoRenegado01 and Central Park Jakarta

Hello again! Last weekend I had a fun day. At first I planned on going to Central Park just to watch The Last: Naruto the Movie with my sis and her boyfriend. On the way there, I found out that CP had a dog event named Dog Does Disco, where people bring their dogs for competition. But some of them only brought their dog for fun also!

I've only read Naruto during when he was younger (earlier volume) and also some bits of Naruto Shippuden (I remembered Sakura learnt her super massive power from Lady Tsunade...I think I only remembered only up to that point..*fail). I don't really know how happened afterwards, even Naruto grew up older again! 

The movie was good I think. Apart that I didn't read/ watch Naruto frequently, I'm not completely lost because the movie actually tells the story on its own. Although its about things in the past, the movie show flashbacks of it so you can keep up with the story. You don't have to read/watch all the chapters/episodes.

Without telling any spolier, The Last: Naruto the Movie is mostly about romance between Naruto and Hinata. I pretty much think they made this movie to make people's acceptance towards the two of them (cos there are some people who ship Naruto-Sakura and Naruto-Hinata). And I think the movie is so sweet! 

Although the movie is good, the thing that caught my eye (or ear lol) is the credits! It was so simple yet sweet, showing Naruto and Hinata's wedding in simple black-grey with shade of pink! I also loved the song: Hoshi no Utsuwa by Sukima Switch.  The moment I heard the singer starts to sing "doushite, doushite.." with the piano arrangements, I just fell in love with the song lol! I think it goes beautifully with the moment!

Screenshots taken from and CINEMA INDO
After watching the movie, I went to Tribeca Park, the outdoor area of Central Park and saw some dogs with my friends, Natasya and Stephanie. Although we only stroll along the outer part of the area, you can see literally all types of dogs over here, from my favourite breed of pugs, golden retrievers, samoyed, huskies, chihuahuas and many many more! I was busy petting the dogs I didn't take much photos TTvTT Most of the pics were taken from Natasya's phone.
Natasya and a Pomeranian and a Shetland Sheepdog
Stephanie and Poms!
Hello hooman!
The dog is like "Cih you're not even looking at the camera!"
I seem to have bad coordination with dogs. I wonder why.
I met this white husky dog with heterochromia (different eye color) and decided to take a picture with her (yes it's a female). I played with her and got kissed! My buddy Natasya managed to capture the moment....and I...looked like cloth being wrung. Hahahahaa but the dog was sweet :)

Image on the right is taken from
And last, no day is ended without some selfies!

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