Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine Date

Love is in the air people! So as a single why not try spending Valentine's Day with some beloved friends? I just freed myself from Tugas Akhir and a few great friends of mine, Tere and Jessie, were vacant at that time so we decided to meet up!

Pancake galore!
I've been meeting up a couple a friends twice and I don't know why we always had brunch at Pancious, but their menu is pretty good. Mine was the middle one, Sausage & Salami Pancake which costs around 55-60k I think! The salad was sour and sweet which gives off a fresh taste, and the pancake was light and fluffy! The sausage and mozarella cheese was averagely okay :)

Brunch was over and we decided to fulfill our sweet teeth cravings. We were wondering whether to go to Union Deli or St. Germain - just one because ha! no money! -  In the end we decided to eat at St. Germain by Cacaoté! Maybe another time, Union Deli...

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake - 50k
The cake was truly a beauty I'll give you that. It has a glaze that's made to as if you're looking at a mirror with a fish eye lens. The cake was soft and had cream filling inside. The crispiness of the thing surrounding the cake (I think it's feuilletine) gives a nice contrast to the softness of the cake. Taste-wise, it was nice, but I kinda hoped for a more bitter kick of chocolate. The portion was a bit too small for a 50k dessert I think.

Cacaoté - 50k
This was the dish I really insisted on buying with my friends. I thought, " There ain't no way they named it the same as the name of the place unless it tastes good! We gotta buy this!" *puts on convincing face. Cacaoté definitely tasted more rich of the chocolate bitterness that I like. It also has the nice soft texture. But yes it is too small for 50k, or it's too pricy haha.

While eating dessert we also had a nice chat, finding out what's going on with each other and also reminiscing a bit to the past. It was great fun! Of course the day wouldn't be complete without some selfies!

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