Friday, September 4, 2015

Lemongrass & Momo Milk Barn

 Hello again readers! I am now here to share my experience going to Bogor, 
to eat at two of the hippest place to eat! They are Lemongrass and Momo Milk Barn.

The first place we visited was Lemongrass,
cause we were hungry and wanted something to eat.

Enough..Now let's go to the food!
Laksa Singapur - 37.9 k
This was one of the recommendations told by the waiter.
This one tasted kinda nice, I liked the santen (coconut milk), a bit salty .
It was complimented with fish meatballs, eggs, and shredded chicken.

Mie Hongkong Ayam Panggang - 34.9 k
The dish consisted of noodles, siomays, and chunks of roasted chicken. 
It also came with a bowl of chicken broth.
But I was slightly disappointed due to the noodles was served cold.
The roasted chicken was good though, it was more to the salty side.

Bakpau Telur Asin - 19.9 k
 This one's pretty good, there's slight sweetness of  it.
And the dough's pretty soft which is good!

Refreshments (left to right:)
Es Kopi Caramel - 29.9 k
Jus Kedondong - 28.9 k
Homemade Watermelon Lemonade - 28.9 k

The true star of the drinks was truly Jus Kedondong. 
In the midst of the scorching heat, this managed to cool you off
with its sour-sweet taste, and it's served with ice cubes!

The Es Kopi Caramel was kinda okay, you can taste the coffee and it's also cold.

The one thing I was really saddened with was the Homemade Watermelon Lemonade. It was bland...(well, it's watermelon what do you expect), but you cannot taste any sourness from the lemonade.
And I had high hopes for it too :'(

Momo Milk Barn
And after a few hours visiting Bogor in angkots, we wanted to try out Momo Milk Barn. 
It was heavily crowded!
 Don't worry. If you feel like lost, just look for this sign:
Here we go, foodies!
Roti Bakar Momo - 16 k
At first, we were reluctant to order this, cause this consisted of bread, chocolate sprinkles,
grated cheese, and corn...
I mean corn..really?
But I was wrong. It was actually nice. The corn adds a slight crunchiness to the dish.
And the bread was nice and soft too. Pretty good light meal considering the price.

Plain Milk, no sugar - 8 k
If you are a milk fan, this is perfect for you.
It was unsweetened, so you can really taste the pureness of milk.

Classic Chocolate Milkshake - 16 k
This one actually tasted nice.
You need to mildly shake a bit off the chocolate so they can be mixed well.

Nutella Milk - 21 k
Now this is what I really like! I don't even really a heavy fan of nutella, but it's really good in here!
It was sweet due to the nutella, but the slight bitterness makes it not too sweet, and I really, really really like it! Recommended!!

Now let's get some proper pics here
That was my experience. I visited them on a Saturday, using a commuter train to Bogor.
It was fun, because it's my first time riding on a train here!
Oh, and the one way train trip only cost about 5k, so that was pretty cool!
If you wanna go to Bogor  I advise you to do it on weekdays. Really.
Cause in the weekends, it's super crowded, and you don't want to spend most of your trip on the road.

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