Friday, August 28, 2015

The Cup and BC's Cone!

Hello  readers! I'm now here to share my experience of eating at The Cup and BC's Cone,
both located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. I went there with my buddies (and yes, this includes Mei,
in which she will be laughing again reading this post that mentions her name X))

The Cup
The first is The Cup. The truth is, I was excited to eat here cos I thought the dish will be served on a box, just like those chinese noodles takeaway. Apparently no, the dish is served on a bowl. 
It's only in a box if you have takeouts. *sad face

Pork Duruchigi Rice, large - 68k

This is one of the dishes recommended by the waiter, so there I go and ordered this!
 I really love the meat, it's a bit sweet and sour, and tiny bit salty. Perfect!
Oh and just a bit spicy because of the kimchi.
And I was really hungry, so yes for bigger portion!

Spicy Dakgangjeong - 68 k

This one's also great! The chicken were boneless and has that sweet spicy taste!
I really recommend this one :) But it doesn't come with rice, so I bought the pork duruchigi instead.

Honey Chicken Rice, medium - 55k

This is great for people who likes their main course a bit sweet. 
For me it was a bit too sweet :(  

Kimchi Jjigae - 68 k
It has the usual sourness of a kimchi, with a tolerable spiciness.
Don't let the color scare you!
There were also chunks of pork inside.

BC's Cone

After we had our tummy full, we went to have dessert!
We decided to try out BC's Cone :)

Artsy Palette - 75k

Many of the customers that come here order this. This is basically like a value meal, in a good way! 
You can have many flavors of ice cream in small bites. 
And it's great for sharing with friends! 
The flavors are set randomly, but you can ask a specific flavor if you want to.
(PS: you van mix until 2 flavors!)

I was really looking forward to taste the tosca-colored ice cream,
as it was supposed to be soda flavored.
But to tell you the truth, it was too sweet to me. So was the other flavors. 
The only flavor I like is chocolate, the  ice cream  chocolate colored. 
It's a bit bitter and not as sweet as the other flavors.

I guess I'm not as sweet-toothed as I thought I would be.

Trip to Candyland - 32 k

This one has a giant cotton candy all around it, and also marsmallows, candies, 
and a orange-flavored lollipop. The ice cream was a twist of soda and strawberry.
 And yes, it's too sweet for me, the ice cream melts quickly too.
But they have cotton candies, which was fun.

There goes my reviews guys, I hope you like it! I would highly recommend The Cup for lunch!
If you are sweet-toothed, you can go ahead and try BC's Cone :)

Oh, I'm currently craving for sour ice cream, like lemon sorbet.
If you have any recommendations, please tell me, I would really appreciate it!!

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