Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bari-Uma Ramen + Aree

I wanted to share my experience eating at two places located in Lippo Mall Puri,
Bari-Uma Ramen and Aree!

Bari Uma Ramen
The first place we were curious to try out was this ramen shop.
On the day of its opening, it was really crowded!
My sis had already tried this before and recommended me to try, so here we go!

We went and orderd a value set, which consisted of Bari-Uma Ramen,
small version of Ishiyaki Chaofan Chashu with mayo, and a green tea for drink!

Value Set C (plus drink) - 79k
After tax, approx
91 k

The Bari-Uma was really yum! The noodles were more a bit firm.
The broth was kinda thick and oily, a bit different than I used to eat usually, but it's good!
Ooh but the pork slice was heavenly! So soft and yummy!

The Ishiyaki Chaofan Chashiu with mayo was kinda okay.
The small pieces of sweet salty pork was complimented nicely with mayonnaise. 

But really the main star was the ramen! Yummm!
Gonna eat there again, but maybe just order ramen!

I've been wanting to eat here since forever!
Before, I couldn't eat here because there was no company to eat with..
But now I can, cause I have 2 friends with me haha!

Chocolate Brownie Snowflake Milk Sherbet - 77k

On the menu, the topping shown was whipped cream.
But you can change it to vanilla or green tea ice cream!

For a serving, it was more to the pricy side.
But the portion was kinda big, it's like you can share it with 1 or 2 of your friends :)
I really like this! The taste was not too sweet.
You can taste the chocolate sauce more.
The brownies were okay, they were light and crisp.
(I prefer wet brownies)
Oh and the snowflake were supeeerrr soft and white!

So that rounds up my food journey at Lippo Mall Puri!
I only ate one type of snowflake at Aree, so if you've tried any other menu
that you'd like to recommend, please tell me! I'd like to try more :)

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