Thursday, June 4, 2015

Konnichiwa AEON!

So hello again! This time I went to the newly opened AEON Mall! It's said that the mall consists of many Japanese things (YEAHH!), so let's go take a look!

 Even though I visited the mall during the weekdays, it was still crowded with people. Even to get into the lobby you need to queue! Now let's see what's inside!

Now we need to go up to see the Food Court. It has a really high ceiling, so it makes us comfortable. Oh and here is the famous Ramen Village which has various ramen restaurants!

Now that we explored the Food Court, let's go down to lower floors. And look what I found...

Although there are set of sushi in packages, the main highlight of this is there are sushi sold in pieces. Some of them cost 3k, while others cost 6k

Self-serve yoghurt! Who wouldn't want some?

They also sell other food like yakitori, okonomiyaki, even fried chicken! I need to prepare an emptier stomach and fuller money to try out them all!

That concludes the tour! AEON Mall is definitely a place that I want to come over again. Not only because it has so many Japanese food restaurants, big shopping stores like H&M and Uniqlo are going to be opened. Heck it even has Payless over there! So check this place out!

 Last but not least...
A girl must not skip her ice cream!